To hand in a copy of my doctoral thesis
Một vị khách đến Thư viện nộp luận án. Anh đến Phòng Bảo vệ và hỏi phòng nộp luận án. Nhân viên bảo vệ hướng dẫn anh đến Phòng Lưu chiểu để nộp luận án của mình. Tại đây, anh đã nộp một bản luận án toàn văn, một bản tóm tắt và một file word. Thủ thư nhận tài liệu xong và yêu cầu anh kí vào sổ.

1. At the Security Gate:
- Security Guard: Good morning sir, May I help you?
- Guest: Good morning, I would like to hand in a copy of my doctoral thesis. Could you show me the Division in charge?
- Security Guard: Please go ahead this way until you see the H building, it is over, on your left. Right after you get in, you will easily reach the Legal Deposit Division on the first floor.
- Guest: Thank you for your help.
- Security Guard: You are welcome, sir.
2. At the Legal Deposit Division:
-Librarian: Good morning, Can I help you?
-Guest: Good morning, Can I hand in the doctoral thesis here?
-Librarian: Of course, sir. Take a seat please.
-Guest: Thank you. How many copies do I have to give?
-Librarian: You are expected to hand in a copy of printed fulltext doctoral thesis with accompanied abstract and an electronic one as well.
-Guest: Oh, yeah, I have a printed one included an abstract already. However, I do not have a CD, I just keep file in my mobile storage device – an USB.
-Librarian: It does not matter. I will make a copy of your electronic thesis. Do you mind if I use your USB, just a few minutes.
-Guest: Sure! Here you are. Anything else?
-Librarian: Yeah, could you please sign your name here.
-Guest: Yes. Thank you so much.
-Librarian: You are welcome. Thank you, sir.